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* Passion Nipple Rings, Non Piercing- Discreet Package Style


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Rimba Wholesale is proud to introduce a new milestone in non-piercing nipple rings. Passion Rings offer a new, higher level of look, fit, and comfort for everyday wear without piercing! With their soft Silver alloy, they can be easily sized to wrap around the base of any protruding nipple. The soft Silver alloy will hold its shape and stay on through normal wear. The heavy gauge rings, with their silvery shine, are always obvious with a luster that last for days without polishing and they are easy to take on and off.

No, these aren’t low cost, plated spring steel rings that pinch to stay on! Passion Rings are made from a high quality special Silver alloy.

Go ahead-try Passion Rings for a sassy look under your favorite top, on your favorite topless beach, or for some bedroom fun!

Looking for a way to appear larger in the chest without surgery? Larger looking nipples always give the impression of larger breasts. Try it!

Kit includes: One pair of Passion Rings, EZ storage pouch, and black plastic sizing tool. The rings are made of a very soft Silver alloy that allows them to be easily shaped to fit any size nipple, without piercing! This alloy is much softer than pure Silver. It is easier and much more comfortable to gently place around the base of the nipple. That is the secret of our high customer satisfaction for Passion Rings!

How do they work? When you are ready to put them on, pick the desired diameter on the tapered sizing tool and simply wrap it around the tool to reshape and resize.They should be shaped a bit larger than the nipple so they can easily slide to the base. Once at the base of the nipple, gently squeeze with your fingers, overlapping the ends, until they fit snuggly. It is that easy.No piercing required!

This alloy is so soft, you can easily straighten the rings out for cleaning and polishing.The Silver alloy is very ductile, like copper wire.You can bend it hundreds of times before it wears out. So feel free to take them off periodically for cleaning and polishing, and re-shape them again for easy, comfortable application.