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BAV03H Insertable Blue Crystal Orb with Gold Ring – For Him or Her


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  This Men’s or Women’s insertable 34mm (1-1/3 inch) or 24mm (1 inch) acrylic orb with dangling pull chain pendant is simply exquisite. The orb is made of hygienic grade acrylic. The hand cast pull ring and chain are heavy gold plated and perfectly placed to provide wonderful sensations and an excellent look under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. Suitable for all day wear. Total length from end of orb to end of pendant is 4.5 inches. Select either the 24mm (1 inch) or 34 (1-3/8 inch) diameter orb to suit your needs. French “Pour Toi…” is cast into the ring which means “For You…” in English.

Available with a blue orb.

All Sylvie Monthule designs are protected under international copyright law.

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24mm, 34mm