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The W. P. Store, LLC

Waukesha, Wisconsin

More About Sylvie Monthule More About Rimba

Dear Customer,

We're happy you have asked about us! 

We were founded in 2004 by the owners of the successful retail web site that specializes in the sale of quality licensed cartoon character products.  In 2003 our team put their creative energies together and began work on the Passion Ring non-piercing nipple ring jewelry product.  In 2004 we began working with Rimba, the makers of fine lingerie and leather products from the Netherlands ( to bring you a complete line of quality adult wear products.  In 2008, we added the beautiful non-piercing body jewelry by Sylvie Monthule of Paris.   Quality products and service has been the basis of our past success and will continue to be our future.

Our past success began with Outlet4toys, founded in August of 1999.   For the first year, Outlet4toys was located in a small store in Burlington, Wisconsin.  In 2000 we moved to a store three times larger in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and added our web site.  Due to the success of our web site business, we decided to concentrate on giving the best possible customer service to our internet customers and moved our operations to a warehouse with offices in Waukesha Wisconsin.  This allowed us to grow rapidly and, in June of 2006, we leased a larger warehouse, doubling our inventory capacity. 

With this inventory capacity, we can provide you with the best customer service available.   At as well as and Outlet4toys, you won't have late or cancelled orders.  99% of our items are in stock and if we don't have it in stock, you will not be able to order it from us unless we clearly inform you it's not in stock!  Backorders that don't ship on time or can't be filled cause you, the customer, disappointment, and cost us money.  We're happy to pass these savings on to you in the form of higher quality products and lower handling costs.

Another way we strive to keep our customers happy is by only offering quality products.  This has been part of our past success and will continue to be part of our future.  In the erotic wear market, we've been told so many stories of items that don't fit well, are made of material that is simply not comfortable, or is not complete, as pictured in a catalog or on line.  You won't find these at  At The W. P. Store, LLC, we strive to bring you erotic wear that is more than just another piece of lingerie tucked away in a draw never to be worn again.  We want our customers to have fun with our products and enjoy wearing them often. 

Quality products have been the driving force behind our success yet, we need to note our  dedication to quality customer service.  Just how good is our customer service?  With over 10,000 satisfied Outlet4toys customers and thousands of entries in our e-bay listings feedback (on e-Bay we operate under TheRimbaStore and Outlet4Toys), we are confident that we're doing whatever is necessary to keep our customers happy!  We look forward to building an even larger base of satisfied North American Sylvie Monthule and Rimba customers and we look forward to you being one of them!

Of course we're always open to suggestions on how to further improve our service, products, and your satisfaction.  Our team is here to serve you and we welcome your input!

Thank you for your interest,

Charley Cook