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About our Products

Our primary product line is the many fine jewelry designs by Sylvie Monthulé, a wonderfully unique designer of non-piercing body jewelry located just outside of Paris, France. We are proud to bring these fine products to you, our quality minded customer, at fair prices. We now offer Sylvie's (OSE Créations, France) complete line of jewelry items.

Sylvie is well known throughout Europe as a leading supplier of beautiful body jewelry.  She currently supplies over 100 shops with her unique products and has done so for more than 10 years. Quality is the basis for her success and it is ours too!

We cannot place enough emphasis on the quality of Sylvie's jewelry. For your health and safety, all metals used comply with the highest standards of the European union in regards to toxic trace metals.  Also, metal finishes are thick, and made to withstand years of wear.  In regards to fit, every effort is made to design the jewel to be as comfortable as possible.

Sylvie's designs not only posses quality, they posses a uniqueness found nowhere else in the world.  Her designs are typically based on a theme so that you can find matching jewelry for all parts of your body.  It's this holistic approach to her designs, that make the whole body radiate with beauty both inside and out when wearing her jewelry.

With our knowledge of Sylvie's jewelry products, it is with great confidence that we invite new customers to try her jewelry! It’s hard to offer guarantees due to the personal nature of the wide variety of  her jewelry products. However, if you truly don’t agree that the item you purchased is of equal or better quality than you expected from our description, then please call or e-mail us. We’ll be happy to listen and accept a return if you’re truly not satisfied with the quality.

Your satisfaction is very important to us!


Your North American Sylvie Monthulé Team